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Dr. Kim is expert in treating acute and chronic eye disease such as infection, eye pain, vision loss, inflammation, dry eyes, glaucoma, laser or injection for diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration. Our office uses state of the art diagnostic ophthalmologic equipments.


Dry Eye Disease

You can experience permanent relief for your dry burning eyes with our quick painless procedure. If your eyes burn and itch, chances are you have a potentially serious eye condition called dry eye. And you are not alone - dry eye effects almost one out of every two people.

Dr. Kim is a leader in the medical field in the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye. In fact, she is among the first eye doctors in Southern California to specialize in a permanent solution for chronic dry eye problems. Through her exclusive program, she has given over 60 thousand patients, just like you, gentle, effective relief.Diabetic Eye Disease


Also board-certified in internal medicine, Dr. Kim intimately understands diabetes as a systemic disease. She helps her patients keep their diabetic eye disease under control and advises them on improving their overall diabetic health. She also performs laser treatment and intravitreal injections.


Eye Treatment



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